Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister

Happy Birthday Wishes for a SisterHappy Birthday Wishes to Sister: Having an older sister is like having a second mother, because they always try to care and protect us from the bad things that can happen in life, so we must learn to be close and grateful to our sisters.

Birthday Wishes for a Sister

  • You were my eyes when I was blind, you were my ears when I was deaf, you were all I needed to make it in life. I love you so much, my sister. Happy birthday to you my dearest woman.

    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
  • When I was down and felt so weak you were here and showered me with motherly love as if you are my mom, you are more than a sister you are a blessing to me and our family. Happy birthday to you my dear.
  • When I was weak and was so weary when I thought I lost it all when the world seems to be too difficult you were right here with me reassuring me of your love and stood by me always telling me everything will be alright. Thank you so much, my dearest woman. Happy birthday to you sis.
  • You are all I needed when you were here how then can I forget your special day. Happy birthday to you my sister, I love you so much, dear.
  • You are my first love and the woman I look up to as a mother, you gave me all and ensure I get all I needed to be a successful man. God bless you for me, my sister. Happy birthday to you dear.
  • Sisters are not ordinary human beings. They have the patience of a monk and are more beautiful from within, than what a beauty pageant winner would look from outside.
  • Pharmaceutical companies should take a few swabs of your DNA and bottle its chemical composition to create a product called Emotional Healer. Happy birthday, sis.

    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
  • You are my support, my strength, my friend, and my guide. Thanks for everything. May God bless you with all his love, luck, and care. Happy Birthday and enjoy it.
  • Sweet sister, I hope Ur special day is filled with sunshine, smiles laughter love, and happiness Happy Birthday Sister…..
  • Sisters like you are diamonds. They sparkle, they are priceless and they are truly a woman’s best friend. Happy birthday, sis.
  • Though I don’t talk to you every day you always remain the deepest core of my heart. Happy Birthday, Sister.
  • Despite our arguments and our differences, you are still the most important person in my life. Happy birthday, sis!
  • Sisters don’t have to be fun to be around, but it is great when they are. Happy Birthday.
  • Sis, you’re my best buddy in the whole world. What would I have done if not for all those pillow fights we had every night? Wishing my special sister a very Happy Birthday!
  • U R special, U R a sister who fights wid me, plays wid me, suggest me & shouts at me. But U r so softheartedly & I love U, my dear sister. Happy Birthday 2 U!
  • Sisters like you are God’s way of reassuring mankind that pain exists, but remedies exist too. Happy birthday, sis.
  • My heart beats for you, if only you can be the only one I see for the rest of my life, you are the real opinion, my dear. Happy birthday to your sister.

    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
  • Sister, you are my everything and even more. I feel that I’m definitely one of the luckiest! Happy Birthday.
  • My dear sister, on your special day I‘d like to wish you an exciting life, full of great discoveries and joyful surprises!
  • I’m making a very special birthday wish to the most amazing friend and an incredible wonderful sister. Happy Birthday.
  • Although I never really enjoyed sharing my things with you I have always enjoyed sharing our childhood and love for each other. You’re most precious to me.
  • It was such a great experience to grow up with a crazy and fun girl like you. I cherish all our sweet and exciting childhood memories. For me, you will always be the that adorable little sister, happy birthday!
  • I want to thank you, my sis, for being the most loving and caring sister in this entire world. No one understands me better than you. Wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • The sisters don’t have to be around for all the time, but it really becomes a great thing when they are around you. Have a Happy Birthday.
  • Thanks for taking all the good looks in the family- oh and Happy B’day.
  • Maybe you were one of the floating souls in heaven. But I’m so lucky that I’ve found you as my sweet sister. Happy Birthday.
  • Our parents made us siblings, we became friends on our own. Happy Birthday, Sis.
  • Happy bday to the coolest sister ever! You always know how to cheer me up and make my day brighter, love you!
  • It is a true blessing to have such a fun, smart, and caring sister like you. Have a joyful and unforgettable day, full of everything that you love most!
  • It‘s so great to have such an amazing sister like you in my life. Congratulations on your birthday! Stay cool!
  • You are like eating box chocolate: sweet, generous, and undeniably amazing.
  • My loving sister, I’m so glad to have you and you’re such a friend whom I’ll be loving throughout my entire life! Happy Birthday!
  • The most heartfelt wishes to my incredible sister! You mean so much to me, cutie, I wish you all the happiness in the world!
  • If I could have another chance to choose my sister, I would choose you every single time because I love you so much
  • Best wishes on a year full of great opportunities and happiness.

    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
  • Happy Birthday, sister. You are the real gift for all of us and obviously the packaging is stunning too. Keep sharing the stuff inside you with us always.
  • You have always been my partner in crime, but you are going to have to do this getting older thing all by yourself. Happy Birthday.
  • Thanks my dear sister, for being the perfect soundtrack of my simple life’s music show. Have a Happy Birthday.
  • If only blood marriage will be legalized then I won’t think twice before I marry you, you are all a real man will ever dream of. Happy birthday to you my sister.
  • Blessed is the man who has you as a wife. you are a genius and woman with a great passion to help a man successful. God bless you, my sister. Happy birthday to you.
  • You possess all it takes to be a legend and heroine, your special day is worth more than celebrating it is worth remembering. Happy birthday to you my sister.
  • The day will come when I will not see you again, but before then I wish to verbally express how I feel about you, I thank you for all you care and love. Happy birthday to you my sister. I love you so much.
  • You are such a sweetheart babe! I just love you too much. On your birthday, I promise to keep all your secrets, flood you with gifts, and never to miss a chance to make you smile. Happy Birthday, my dearest sister.
  • Sisters like you are diamonds. They sparkle, they are priceless and they are truly a woman’s best friend. Happy birthday, sis.
  • I will never forgive you for every time you have fought with me. But I want you to know that despite our differences I will still love you unconditionally. I know this sounds quirky but that’s how wonderful sisterhood is, you see. Happy birthday.
  • Sisters are God’s way of reassuring mankind that pain exists, but so do healers. Happy birthday to one such sis.
  • I might not be able to say all I feel about you now but one thing is certain I will always remain grateful to you. Happy birthday to you my sister.

happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister

  1. I know of a woman I cannot verbally express how I feel about her, I know a woman with a heart so true and pure, I know of a sister like a mother, my best friend, I know you. Happy birthday to you dear.

    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
  2. Here’s to bigger, better, and brighter years ahead. May your every wish come true this year, and may you only experience happiness and love. Happy birthday, sister!
  3. Sister, you are everything I strive to be: strong, beautiful, and courageous. There is no greater compliment that I can give than to say you remind me in so many ways of our mother.
  4. It’s a rare gift to have a sister as phenomenal as you. You are the kind of person who envelopes people in your warmth, and I am so lucky to be your sister.
  5. You are a good person, a wonderful friend, and an amazing sister. The world is a better place because you are in it. Happy birthday to my dearest sister who always brings joy and laughter into my life.
  6. Whenever I am lost or afraid I know that I can always call you, and you will take my hand and show me the way. Happy birthday to my sister who never lets me down and only lifts me up.
  7. You are my best friend since childhood, you are the woman I have always admired and loved, you are my sister and I like it that way. Your day is far more special than mine. I love this day because it brings us together. Happy birthday to you.
  8. Sister, no one shines as brightly as you do. You do more than stand out in a crowd; you dazzle people with your kindness and generosity. Thanks for always bringing the sparkle into my life.
  9. I hope your birthday contains only warm, fuzzy, and pleasant memories. May it signal the beginning of a year filled only with hope and promise. Happy birthday, sister!
  10. You are an amazing sister. Not only do you always shower me with love, but you love me for who I am. Thank you for never judging and only loving me. I am so grateful.

    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
    Happy Birthday Wishes for a Sister
  11. When I look back at our childhood, I have only happy memories of our times together. It warms my heart to know that we have so many more years to enjoy together. Happy birthday, sister!
  12. Thank you for always being my support system in life. You have always been so supportive and encouraging to me, and I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me over the years.
  13. When I think of you, I am overwhelmed by all the love I have for you. You have been such a comfort to me throughout my life, and I wish you only the very best in everything you do.

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