Happy Birthday In Advance | Early Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday In Advance | Early Birthday Wishes: You Wish Someone in Advance Your Friend, some others will happy. Advance Happy Birthday! I hope my effort is already enough to let you know how special you are to me. Advance happy birthday my love! May your birthday be filled with amazing surprise, loving wishes, and hopes for a better future. You have been my confidante, whom I can trust to share everything about me, now I take this opportunity to greet you a warm birthday before others.

Happy Birthday In Advance

It is a great time to thank God for giving you another beautiful year to experience lovely moments with me. Have an incredible birthday in advance.

Are you aware of the various birthday wishes? There are ones of love, friends, advance, belated, and a lot more. Considering that your birthday is not until next week, you can guess what kind of greeting this one is!

I don’t have any idea of what I would do without a good buddy like you who can always appreciate these advance birthday greetings! You are incredible. Have a great and joyous day!

You have been such a great comrade to me, and I would love to let you know that I treasure every minute I had with you, the reason why I want to be the first person to congratulate you on this special day of you.

I always look forward to the day of your birthday, and now I can’t wait long enough because I know that it’s a merry day and feel lovely like never been before. Advance happy birthday to you!

You are a kind of a genuine best friend I have ever met. You pretty understand my little weird tendencies particularly my like for advance birthday wishes. I can’t help myself, moreover, happy early birthday buddy!

I am a little upset that I can’t celebrate a wonderful birthday with you, my pal. But I am sending my regards when everyone is singing for you, remember that I will be there in spirit too!

I know it very well that your birthday is yet days pass us, but you are one of the people who deserve to have a total celebration every day. I celebrate you, continue growing in wisdom.

You own a special place and space inside my heart, and because of that I couldn’t help but wish you a countless happy birthday. Have a great and beautiful one.

An advance wonderful birthday wishes for a great companion of mine! I know that not many people do this, but luckily for you and me, we are unique from other people. I hope that you’ll have a blast.

If we’re up to me, you know that I will spend the whole birthday with you. Sadly, I don’t get to this year. Happy birthday in advance! I want you to have one of the liveliest times of the year.

There are a lot of ways to express a happy birthday to someone. Mine is going to come a little early. But later, it is going to set you up to a total success. Happy early birthday!

Birthday Wishes In Advance! Your Birthday is too special to be celebrated for just one day, so let’s begin the party right away.

Everybody will remember to wish you on your Birthday but only best friends like me will care to make you feel like a superstar even before it. Advance Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday In Advance
Happy Birthday In Advance

since I am not just another person in your life, my wishes are not going to be just another greeting on your Birthday. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

I think you are too advanced and modern for our time to so I am greeting you way ahead. Advance Happy Birthday! wish that you get all the things you want, not just for your Birthday, but for your entire life.

Happy Early Birthday! Who says Birthdays are meant to be celebrated only for a day. Let’s start right now and make your Birthday a beautiful week-long celebration.

You are too beautiful and wonderful to have just one day for your Birthday celebration, so let’s celebrate with another day in advance. Happy Birthday to you.

Happy early Birthday! I feel so heartbroken to be away from your Birthday celebration but that does not mean that you are less appreciated. I would like to wish you every best thing as you open a fresh chapter in your life.

Happy Birthday In Advance

Here’s your first Birthday wish from me. I want to send you one on your Birthday as well. In fact, I like you so much and I am sending belated Birthday Wishes too.

Happy Birthday! I have a tradition of greeting special people in advance. congratulations you are now on the list of the special people in my life. Advance Happy Birthday!

You know that I’m always parallel to you whenever you needed me. I’m giving you some early love since I won’t be able to attend on your birthday. But, my spirit will be there on your special day!

Your birthday is about to come for a couple of days, and I am delighted that we still stick together despite all the obstacles and trials. We did overcome. I wish you a joyful birthday in advance, my angel.

An advance happy birthday wishes for someone extraordinary! I’m hoping you’re having an ecstatic day and that this year is the year where you can finally fulfill all your dreams and wishes.

You would presume that employers would let us have a day off to celebrate the special days of our colleagues. Alas, that’s not the problem since I have to work on that day. Happy birthday in advance buddy!

Because of your marvelous beauty and your lovable character traits, I loved to wish you a warm birthday in advance. Receive the greatest gift in the world a gleeful heart.

We are combining today’s party with your birthday party and the following party into one of the grandest advance birthday bashes of all time! Are you feeling enthusiastic?

To an awesome good friend of mine, I would never forget your most special day, and it just so happened that this greeting came by promptly. I asked for quick shipping!

Tons of laughter, loads of cheerfulness, trucks of blessings, and a lot more I’m sending to you for your special day, they are all on their way to you; you’ll receive them tomorrow on your very birthday.

I have so much fun more than I could ever imagine that when we get together for your birthday celebration, it is an extraordinary time and I will always be here for you. Have a great early birthday!

I don’t want to be absent on your most spectacular day, but it is a piece of the sad news that I will be missing out on. Happy birthday in advance my friend. I will be there tardy, but this greeting comes early!

May this celebration bring forth nothing but all the good time and joyful remembrances as you celebrated your birthday. I wish you a magnificent birthday in advance. Enjoy it.

Advance birthday wishes are not cliché! Only the mightiest of the mighty can get away with sending early birthday greetings, and I am that kind of person. Blissful early birthday to you!

Wish you a very Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for giving my lovely wishes.

Dear sweet lover! May all your wishes and sweet dreams come true.

Happy Birthday Wishes In Advance! I know your Birthday is still a couple of days away, but one wish would never suffice such a sweet friend I like you.

Happy Birthday In Advance
Happy Birthday In Advance

Early wishes are always fun, and you know that the person who says it happens to think of you. I love you so much. Have a special Birthday Wishes In Advance.

It’s really sad that I am not going to make it to your Birthday, I hope you have a great and special one and I will see you when we meet up. I love you too.

Today is special and I am so sorry I can’t be there for you today, I know there can be no excuse. since I won’t be here, I wanted to say Happy Birthday, may good luck and happiness be by your side.

Good friends greet you with a happy birthday right on time, but genuine friends greet you with a beautiful birthday in advance. I’m hoping that you already know the difference now! Happy birthday!

Happiest birthday in advance to the most spectacular companion in this world. You’re the reason why I’m constantly happy every day!

Just letting you know that our precious friendship is a kind of deal for a thousand years. It only means that I will never stop greeting you a gleeful birthday in advance!

I don’t have the most wonderful present for you, but I have the most genuine love and respect for you as a companion. You’re forever in my heart. Happy natal day in advance!

Let us celebrate early for your future arriving special day known as your birthday! I just really hope that we don’t party too much.

The best opportunity for me to greet you for a pleasant birthday is now, and I’m pretty sure to forget later in the day. May the great Lord bless and guide you in all your plans. Happy Birthday to your brother.

Year in year out, people are still aging, how I yearn to have something to at least prevent your growth because you are looking so cute now.

Just a single day for your birthday celebration is not enough for an incredible person like you, so let’s rejoice one more day ahead. A gleeful early birthday to you!

It is because of an unfavorable situation that has led to me being unavailable at the time of your birthday party. But! It does not imply that we cannot celebrate in advance.

Let’s give a moment of silence for your birthday celebration, even though it’s a little early. We love you so much, and we take pleasure in the moments we spend together.

Since I’m the primary man in your life, the first and the last husband you’ll have, the most uncomely yet the finest companion to you. Allow me to be the first one to greet you a blissful birthday my sweetheart. It’ll surely be a wonderful year.

Have a fabulous birthday in advance! You are such a valuable lovely young friend. May all your day be filled with nothing but a blast of happiness. Stay blessed.

Let us have a wild birthday party for you today even though your special day is still a couple of days to come. We don’t know whether tomorrow is guaranteed and there is only one way to have fun today.

I am afraid I might lose track of time and won’t be able to greet you on the exact date. so as early as now I am sending you my wishes in advance. Happy Birthday!

Good friends don’t settle for just one greeting, instead, they shower you with and lots and lots of greetings as the minutes draw closer to your great day. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday In Advance
Happy Birthday In Advance

You know I am the person who forgets everything my mind is always racing and I forget things and do not forget your special day and I wanted to say. Happy Birthday In advance.

I will be traveling on your Birthday but I want to make you a promise my dear friend. no matter where I am or what I am doing, I will raise a glass to think about when the clock strikes midnight on your Birthday.

Happy Birthday in advance to my best friend. I am greeting you way ahead, as I think you are too advanced for our time. Wish you very happy birthday to you.

May on your Birthday is filled with happiness, fun, love, and joyful. Many more happy returns of the day.

You are worth in my life is way more than just one measly wish on your Birthday. so here’s one in advance and hoping that my worth in your life is worth more than just one measly party.

Other’s may be on the exact point to greet you a lovely birthday, but for me being on time is never an option. I always see to it to be ahead of others during your birthday!

People will stop celebrating their birthday if only they’re wise. It wouldn’t prevent them from becoming older, but it’d surely save a lot of money. Happy natal day in advance!

Savor your birthdays while you’re still youthful because, after 20 years from now, it would be indeed wearisome to even blow a candle. Advance happy birthday!

Covering your age doesn’t matter at all, the wrinkles showing on your face reminds me that one more year is going to add up to your age. Happiest birthday in advance!

The great news is you’re adding up one more year of your age, but the unfortunate news is you’re not brighter than the previous year. Merry birthday in advance!

Merely a couple of hours to go and after that, you will no longer belong to the youthful period. Congratulations! Continually remember that oldies are the real goldies!

You have finally come to the point in life where your birthday cake is smaller than your stomach and candles outmatch your hair by two to one. Marvelous birthday!

I wish I do make you feel special as you make me think of you all of the time. Happiest birthday to you in advance, I love you!

If you weren’t born in this world at all on this very day, then you’ll never come to my life. This is a special day for me as well. Happy birthday in advance!

Just a day in a year can’t be enough to celebrate this special event. That’s why I’m already greeting you days before your birthday comes. Happy birthday my love!

I wish there existed a box big enough to carry all my love for you. But I presume I’ll have to take them all in my heart ceaselessly. Have a great birthday in advance!

Having the great opportunity to grow old with you is the greatest blessing ever comes in my life. I’m one of a fortunate soul on this planet. Brilliant birthday in advance!

If there was a presentation of God‘s perfect masterpiece, you’d be strikingly the most attractive being of that show. Advance happy birthday, my love!

You’ve lighted a flame in my heart. I wish you’d blow that searing fire just like how you blow candles during your birthdays. Happy birthday in advance!

It’s not just you growing old every single year, but it’s also about me getting old along with my best friend in life. Advance merry birthday to you!

I am greatly honored to be with you every year of your birthday. I don’t see any upcoming birthdays of you without me greeting you first. Advance happy birthday.

It doesn’t matter wherever you are, near or distant. I’ll forever be the first person to wish you a joyous birthday because you are my beloved best friend!

Dear friend! We have so many special Birthday memories, so I decide to start your off with a Happy Birthday eve wish.

This is an early Birthday wish now you can start celebrating your Birthday season. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Messages in Advance – Best Advance Happy Birthday Wishes

One more year has passed us by, and it has unquestionably been a worthwhile ride. I wish you have more lovely journeys on life for the following years, however, don’t speed past it so rapidly. Advance upbeat birthday.

I’m not at fault that I’m pretty forgetful these days; there are a lot of things to think more about, particularly making money. So let me greet you a wonderful happy birthday now. Have a blast.

It is nevermore too advanced to wish such a beautiful soul a happy birthday and to celebrate a day with so much excitement, my dear. Have a happy birthday soonest, dearest soul.

My life without your existence would be dull, and that is why I rejoice you for your coming special day. Love you so much to bits, have a lot of fun on that day, my dear.

I’d rather choose to be advanced than be late, but I will now celebrate for you and on the very day of your birthday for you mean so much to me. Have a pleasant early birthday, sweetie.

I really hope that I could be present tomorrow for your birthday, but I can’t. So I just wanted to wish you a marvelous birthday in advance, I hope you’ll have a blast, and all your dreams and wishes may come to life.

I’m a front liner with you when it comes to meals, first in line for rest days, and the first person to wishing my loving friend a superb birthday!

Happy birthday, happy birthday! I’m not pretty certain how multiple of times I’m going to greet you with a wonderful Happy Birthday, so I decided to start now.

It is essential to talk to our friends regarding how much we care LOTS of times, so here’s my early warmest Happy Birthday wishes to a very special and valuable YOU!

I’d rather wish you in advance than late when it comes to greeting my beloved person. Happy birthday!

I’m going to quash the countdowns till your D-day comes…until then… Happy birthday to you in advance!

Happy Birthday! Allow me to make up for your previous birthday. From now on, I will wish you every day until your special day finally comes.

Your birthday is just extremely special to be wished in just one day. So, let me greet you for the best birthday in advance!

I want to be in the first line to wish you on your most special day, so… advance blissful birthday my dear!

Happy Birthday in advance to my crush

Happy birthday in advance darling! May your special day be showered with graces and great love to last you a lifetime. Even if I will not be there, I hope you’ll have fun.

I’m getting this chance to express how important you are to me by wishing you a happy birthday in advance. May this become the commencement of love and successfulness in your life.

Wishing you the abundance of great happiness from yesterdays and the gift of vivacious future. Beautiful Birthday in advance!

May great moments and joyful memories be the special treats that fill your birthday with genuine ease and glee. Happy early birthday.

I’m fully aware that your birthday is still days ahead of us, but I’m starting to celebrate it from today. Happy birthday.

One day is not adequate enough to celebrate your most special day, so let’s start the birthday bash right away. Have a great early birthday.

The celebrations should begin right away. Your most awaited special day is just nearby the edge, and I’m so excited. Here’s to you, a beautiful happy birthday.

I know that your special day is yet several days ahead of us, but a single wish would never be enough for such a sweet companion like you, wishing you a happy birthday in advance.

My heart has a special spot for you. So before everyone else would start to greet you, I want to be the first one to wish you a Happy Birthday!

In early Happy Birthday, special people must be treated in a special way too. Now that you’ll have your momentous special day, grant me the chance to greet you in advance for this is once in a lifetime. Happy Birthday to you!

Advanced, on time or belatedly, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just share all of our crazy and incredible moments. Your extraordinary day may be or may not be today, but I’m still wishing you tons of peace and delight.

Advance Happy Birthday to you, may all of your hopes and dreams come to life.

Advance happy birthday wishes for lover

My sincerest wishes and blessings are on your way, on the amazing celebration of your birthday. May God give you more blessings much from your expectations for this occasion. Happy birthday in advance!

I’ll be the first person to say it, Happy early Birthday! I hope my efforts could suffice the fact that I cherish you so much. Live long and be well.

I wish you an advance Happy Birthday. I am sending you a luscious cake and so much love a little bit early, may all your wishes come true and may you be surrounded with great happiness.

Getting older isn’t a thing to be cheerful about, so I don’t plan to add up to your agony when that crucial day appears. Happy natal day in advance.

All your friends will be present for your birthday bash, except for your best friend. But, your best friend will forever be there for you throughout time. It’s honestly torture for me to miss your special day; I’m wishing you an advance happy birthday! I hope you’ll understand.

Companions recall every others’ birthday on schedule. However, the best of companions recollect every others’ birthday well ahead of time. Happy birthday.

I’ll preferably greet you in advance than late, particularly with regards to wishing my best buddy. Blissful birthday.

I am going to rout Facebook and my iPhone to wishing you a cheerful birthday before they can give me updates about it.

To everything else in my life, I might be slow and languid. Yet, for my closest companion’s special day, I will unfailingly be ahead of time. Happy birthday.

Advance joyful birthday dear! May your day be loaded up with endowments and love to last you a lifetime. Despite the fact that I won’t be there, I wish you have a ton of fun.

To ensure that my affection is the first to make you feel great in your heart, I am sending you these early birthday wishes with bunch of love. May your day be extraordinary! Happy birthday dear pal.

I wish you all the accomplishments you do in your life. May all of your masterpiece be blessed and the kindness of the Lord be with you. Have a cheerful birthday in advance!

May you be encompassed by the passionate company of your loved ones on your exceptional day. Wishing you a wonderful birthday brimming with harmony and love. Advance happy birthday!

I just want to wish you a blissful birthday before your special day actually comes, so that I won’t be able to miss your exact birth date. Advance happy birthday to you!

I realized that I usually forget your birthday constantly, however this time, I am prepared with my weapon called advance happy birthday.

You will be glad to realize that I am the first person who will wish you a happy birthday in cutting edge!

As you definitely know how I am first in all things, so I am wishing you a happy early birthday!

I hope you will receive my initial wishes and feel magnificent about it, wishing you the happiest birthday in advance!

You are my best friend and this is the perfect time to greet you a happy birthday beforehand.

I know myself, and that I will always be late, that is the reason I am wishing you an exceptionally merry birthday in advance.

Would you be able to recall how much time I wished you belated birthday yet this time I am first here by wishing you a happy early birthday.

You are fortunate that you got a companion like me who’ll forever wish you a happy birthday beforehand, merry birthday man!

We have celebrated your birthday together, let’s begin this special day of yours as increasingly cool as it could be, a wonderful birthday in advance!

Right on time to bed, Early to rise makes a man to greet an early birthday for everybody, wishing you a delightful birthday ahead of time!

Yearly, I can’t be ready to wish you birthday right on schedule, however this year; I am wishing you a cheerful birthday before your birth date, how great is that? Happy birthday.

Advance Happy birthday sister

You are extremely special to my heart, which is the reason I am wishing you an early happy birthday!

Your birthday only takes place once in a year, but a rare jewel like you is bound to celebrate on a regular basis, your kindness is exceptional so take my early birthday wishes!

Happiest early birthday buddy, dear friend, I know that you are not a great fan of what I’m about to do. I will be missing the festive, but I will not miss giving you my heartiest love and wishes that you have the best years ever! Have fun!

May your birthday give you the liberty and long-awaited freedom from all your worries and struggles, I will not be around for the birthday celebration, but I’m sending you all the best of wishes afore.

Advanced birthday greetings are saved for the coolest of buddies! Since we are as cold as crystal snow, we get to savor making wishes like these. Have fun on your special day!

The brilliant and unforgettable moments we had during your birthday celebration the previous year, has always remained with my heart, now it’s about a new time for another blast, can’t wait!

We get to have great fun from the momentous experiences in our life, and we must not stress the moments we miss. Anyways, I am still sending you my love and great wishes your way even if I cannot be the there with you. Enjoy!

You got to experience one of the most incredible birthdays of all time. I can’t make up to be there, but I’m sending you my love by this advance birthday wish which I promise to give you a great time.

Just saying that you are one heck of an awesome friend that I know. We have been close for so long, but I tend to forget birthday dates. So this greeting might be a little early still, it’s the thought that counts!

Everyone will surely remember your special day, but for the reason that you have given such a great influence on me, I remember your birthday a week ahead, advance happy birthday, sir.

Friends recollect each one’s birthday at the exact time. But best friends treasure and remember each other’s birthday thoroughly beforehand. Happy birthday.

Growing older isn’t something to be joyful about, so I will not add up into your misery when that day genuinely comes. Have a blissful birthday in advance.

Your value in my entire life is way much than just a meager wish on your special day. So here’s one in advance and wishing that my worth in your being is deserving enough much of a single measly party.

You are my secret keeper, the first person I tend to tell each thing, so I should also be the primary person to greet you happiest birthday in advance.

I know I will yearn for that one day of the year when you would want me right beside you, but I promise I will compensate for you in the 364 days that follow. Happy birthday in advance.

Life is extremely wonderful to be celebrated just once each year. Here are tons of embraces for your most anticipated day, even beforehand it’s here.

I may be absent on your birthday, but that doesn’t mean that you are not important at all. I am remorseful that I won’t be right beside you to celebrate, but I wish nothing but ultimate bliss in your future, happiest birthday to you in advance.

Much better in advance than belated, most notably when it comes to greeting my best mate. Beautiful birthday.

Your most anticipated day is a race, and I am going to win the competition over everyone else to it, an awesome birthday in advance.

Your birthday is exceedingly special to celebrate for just a single day, so let’s start the party pronto, happy natal day in advance.

Birthday cards are tedious. But enthusiastic countdowns and impromptu warm embraces are absolutely not. Can’t wait already, looking forward to your birthday.

Occasionally I wish that life was a sort of a video game so I could just press pause at all of my other appointments and not miss your special day. But since it’s not happening, here’s wishing you a delightful birthday before I commence my travel.

The celebrations must begin promptly today, and I don’t care at the dates at all. Your birthday is just totally around the corner, and I am getting impatient. Happy birthday to you, my best pal and my ultimate soul mate.

This message is meant to let you know that notwithstanding the fact that I will be traveling on the day of your birthday, my heart and mind will always remain with you on your special day. Advance happy birthday.

Your upcoming birthday is not an avenue for me to prove to you my genuine love for you. You are so precious in my life, beautiful birthday in advance.

I gained hope under your great supervision; you have made a fundamental part in my destiny, and because of that, I want to wish you a lovely happy birthday in advance.

I want to pour down birthday wishes on you right now; I don’t want you to wait for it because I know it means a lot to you. May this day note the beginning of your great brand new life. Happiest birthday best buddy.

Funny happy birthday in advance

I know your birthday is still several days ahead of us, but a single wish would not be enough for such a loving and thoughtful friend like you. My warmest birthday wishes to you in advance.

You are an extraordinary person, and because it is your wonderful birthday tomorrow, allow me to give you a special birthday greeting too.

A deluge of birthday greetings is about to get in your way, and I don’t want mine to get mislaid among all of them.

If I would be greeting you a day before your special day, I cannot have any guarantee that I will be the first person. So let me express my congratulate birthday days before!

I do not really wish to miss your special birthday, but unfortunately, I have to pay my bills. I wish you all the best for your birthday in advance.

Despite how much I dislike giving you advance greetings without any further advance gifts, I still want to wish you an advance happy birthday!

We do advance preparations for every event in life, which is why I am now greeting you a happy birthday days before your special occasion.

You are indeed lucky because you’re going to celebrate your birthday twice: one on the very day of your birthday and the other is when I get back from work.

I might not be able to reach out to you on your birthday, but know that my heart will reach unto you and will alone beat for you on that very day.

No matter how much I cry and plead, I have an exam to deal with on the day of your birthday so I’ll certainly miss it. But happy birthday in advance to you!

Let us launch an early birthday party, a birthday party, and a post-birthday party celebration! Cheers in advance!

I can’t wait to greet you a happy birthday because your special day may come just once in a year, but my heart is pounding each day for you!

I may be tardy at a bunch of things in life, but I can’t allow myself to be late at wishing you a blissful birthday! Have a total blast, my dear!

The total excitement of your birthday is giving me insomnia. It’s quite several hours to go, but I can’t just bear myself to wish you an ecstatic birthday!

I preferably want to wish you a happy birthday ahead of time than be late a few minutes past midnight. My heartfelt congratulations to you for turning [age].

The particular time I’m early in life is whenever I greet you a beautiful birthday. This year, there’s no way I’ll change it. Happy birthday!

You are too precious to us that greeting you for only a day is not just sufficient. Take my warmest love and great wishes for your special day!

The date does not matter to me; I only care about you so let us now celebrate!

I may not be around at your most special day, but my heart is always yours, wishing you an advance happy birthday, my love.

Your special day might be days ahead of us, but one wish is not ample for a great and kind person like you.

I need to be elsewhere on your very birthday, but don’t get pampered with everything. We’ll have an ultimate celebration once I get home.

I always see to it that I will be first in all of your everything, and greeting you a happy birthday is never an exception.

It’s my bills fault that I have to go the extra mile enable to pay them all, even on the very date of your birthday. Anyways, advance stunning birthday to you!

You never leave my mind, so let me greet you first before the others an advance best birthday to you, sweetheart.

I am not right by your side on the day of your birthday, but even if we are miles away, I will undoubtedly celebrate for you.

Since our mantra is to live life like there is no tomorrow, I will not wait till the next morning to greet you. Happiest birthday in advance!

All your friends will recollect to wish you a happy birthday on your special day, but I will surely make you feel even more special afore that day.

I may not be expected to be there on your birthday to celebrate with you, so I am sending you my birthday greeting ahead of time before the others do.

You are indeed so special to me that I cannot help but wish every wonderful thing in life you can ever have. Genuine birthday to the most exceptional person in my life!

Early, prompt or belated, I don’t mind at all. Let’s share all the crazy and wonderful memories together. Your special day may or may not be today, but I’m certainly sending you tons of ultimate joy for you.

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