Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes|Birthday Messages For 3-year-Old

Happy 3rd birthday: Though the children at age three are not quite capable of reading notes, one can always congratulate the child’s parents on a special day.birthday greetings for any 3-year-old toddler. You’re sure to find one that expresses exactly what you would like to say.

Happy 3rd birthday

Oh! My Dear Son! May all your Birthday wishes and sweet dreams come true. I love you so much.

You have taken the whole place in my heart. But you are a sweet baby and I love you a lot.

I am sure Queen Elsa would be here today if she could, but Princess Anna and the Kingdom needs her. She sent these wonderful gifts for your birthday, and this tape of Frozen we could watch. Happy birthday, our own princess! Continue living a magical life. We love you!

To my favourite kid in the world, happy 3rd birthday! You have been filling our lives with laughter and love for three years. Stay cute and adorable! Love you!

Happy Birthday! Hope your day is magical and sparkled with fun just like you.

Happy 3rd birthday
Happy 3rd birthday

My princess, you are such a sweet girl. may you have a magical beautiful birthday! Many more happy returns of the day.

It is the time for you to open your eyes and see the beautiful world around you which has become much brighter for your presence.

You have always made us proud. Our blessings are always with you. may God bless you with all you desire. happy birthday, princess.

Always do what you love sweetie, as you turn three may all those things that make you smile for your day. Happy Birthday, 3rd-year-old.

How fast you grow dear, I know one day you will be big enough to change the world and make it a better place. I love you and I hope you get to enjoy your Birthday today.

To my dear little one, I can’t believe you have been with us for three years now. It seems like yesterday, you are just a tiny blip inside mommy’s tummy. Then after nine months of carrying you inside of me, plus three years of you here in the outside world, here you are becoming a

My little boy is becoming a little man pretty fast! I wish you would not rush growing up but it seems like that is not possible. I wish you will become a good man someday, this world has enough jerks. I know you are the change this needs, I know your dreams will take you places. Happy birthday, my little superman. I love you more every day.

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes

I and your mom always thought of ourselves as cinema people but this year, you have shown a clear predilection towards the TV screen. Well, they do say this is the golden age of television, so I think it is safe to say you have great taste. Happy third birthday.

Wow, you’re growing up so quickly. You’re already 3 years old today! It just seems like yesterday you were 3 days old. Happy 3rd birthday!

All dinosaurs know that you’re as cool as can be when you turn 3-years-old. Happy Birthday!

You make me smile, you make me happy, you make me glad and you make me better than I was yesterday. Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday, dear! you are an amazing child and I love that I get to share another birthday with you. may you grow to be wise, strong, and proud of whom you are? I love you.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday to the cutest son ever it will soon be time for us to go shopping together and oh I just cannot wait.

You deserve all the treats in the world today. so go ahead and enjoy them. Many more happy returns of the day.

The best ever the time in my life when I gave birth to a twin child. now you both turned into our 3 years. on this special day, I pray to god, you both receive all both the happiness and pleasure in our life.

You are a complete package of naughtiness, sweetness, cuteness. but you are the most brightening star of my life’s sky. Happy Birthday!

No kid is unsmart, every kid is a genius at something. I believe you will find your passion and that will make it gold. as for today enjoy your Birthday and make the most of it.

Today is a day appreciate the goodness of the lord over this wonderful kind of yours. A young boy that does the unexpected, he is really going to be great. Happy 3rd Birthday!

Baby blessing directly from heaven. thank you, Lord, for bestowing me such a nice and adorable baby. Wish you a very 3rd Happy Birthday!

It is your day to play, your day to enjoy, and your day to all you want to do and open up presents as you blow out your candles. Have a Happy Birthday dear son.

You are getting old for your age. You’re barely older than 2, and you’re already

May your third birthday find you happy and as cute as ever! Happy birthday!

3rd Birthday Wishes

My opinion is that a 3-year-old girl should definitely get her own pony. Now we have to convince your mom and dad

Three candles for the cake for your birthday. Three years for the light of your life. Happy Birthday, little one!

Happy 3rd birthday
Happy 3rd birthday

Happy Birthday cute little three years old, you make me proud to be part of your life, have great birthday dearies.

I have watched you grow into this fine young three years old and I have to say, I am happy to be sharing your third birthday party, make beautiful memories my dear.

I am so happy to be gifted with a chance to share your third birthday with you; I hope I can make it a memorable one. I love you.

What can I possibly say or do to make this day more special than it is, you are the reason to breathe, eat and sleep and I love you for that, may you blow many more candles till you run out of breath. Happy Birthday, best baby.

You should have a pie for your birthday instead of a cake. You are close to being 3.14159265359 years old.

Happy 2nd birthday to the sweetest birthday girl in the world! May you grow up to be as beautiful as Snow White!

You have completed three years of your life my dear child. May God give you health, wealth, success and prosperity, and the entire world’s happiness.

For your birthday, you should get at least three of everything — three hugs, three kisses and three birthday candles with three birthday wishes. That’s because you’re 3 years old. Happy 3rd birthday!

Happy birthday to my favorite niece! I hope you will stay as cute and bubbly as ever. Can’t wait to go shopping with you. Have fun at your party!

You are two million times cuter than anyone else on the planet. Happy 3rd birthday!

There are so many reasons to live a happy life but you are the topmost reason for my happiness. Wishing a very happy birthday to you.

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