Happy Birthday Greetings

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, SMS Messages

Funny Birthday Wishes EVER :Funny Birthday Quotes | Birthday Wishes, Messages & Images.A Birthday is the special celebration of everyone’s life. Birthday Quotes are touch with heart full words. Birthday is coming and goes every year.Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes Images Greetings.Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Messages: Birthday is the most important day in anyone’s life, When its someone’s birthday you should wish them with some of the best Happy Birthday Wishes.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, SMS Messages

    1. Don’t be bummed about your birthday! You know what they say: it’s better to be a year older than to be one month late. Happy birthday!”

      Happy Birthday Greetings
      Happy Birthday Greetings
    2. Happy birthday! Today, I would advise you to be nice to your kids. Remember, the older you get, the closer you get to having them choose a nursing home.”
    3. Wait – you’re how old today? You’re so lucky you’re not a dog. They would have put you down by now. Oh, well! Happy birthday!”
    4. Congratulations! You only look one year older than you did on your last birthday.”
    5. Happy birthday! You’re how old? Oh man – that’s like, dead in dog years.”
    6. I would be so much more into your birthday if it were my birthday.”
    7. You know, I would be a whole lot more excited about you turning one year older if I was in your will. Happy birthday!”
    8. Happy birthday! Let’s celebrate the anniversary of your clever escape from the womb.”
    9. Time may be an incredible healer, however its a lousy beautician. Genuine that!
    10. To the country’s best kept mystery; Your actual age.
    11. Normally individuals at your age monstrosity out when they hear their selves called an old man. Right … old man?
    12. We realize that astuteness accompanies age. You see, you don’t have all the indications of maturing! Content Birthday!
    13. We know we’re getting old when the main thing we need for our birthday is not to be helped to remember it.
    14. What goes up yet never descends? Your age.
    15. There are lots of good people in the world. One of them would like to wish you a happy birthday
    16. What? You don’t concur? That is bizarre. You’re the ideal case.
    17. When I kick the bucket, I need it to be on my 100th birthday, in my shoreline house on Maui and I need my spouse to be upset to the point that he needs to drop out of school.
    18. As you get older, there are three important things that happen. First, you lose your mind. I can’t remember the other two. Happy birthday!”
    19. Happy birthday! Remember this today: if you lick all the frosting off a cupcake, it becomes a muffin – and muffins are healthy.”
    20. Happy birthday! After seeing all the candles on your cake, I seriously hope that you topped off your fire insurance.”
    21. Happy birthday to the one person I hope is still around when the iPhone 547 comes out.”
    22. A “few” years ago, you were smart, handsome and young. Today, you’re just an old fart. Happy birthday!”
    23. Happy birthday! May the number of candles outnumber your gray hairs.”

      Happy Birthday Greetings
      Happy Birthday Greetings
    24. When I have a birthday I take the vacation day. Anyway when my wife has a birthday, she takes a year or two off.
    25. When I was conceived I was so shocked I didn’t talk for 18 months.
    26. Wishing you numerous more candles and a cake sufficiently huge to fit every one of them on.
    27. With age comes intelligence. You’re one of the savvies individuals I know.
    28. You age like cheddar… You simply continue getting smellier!
    29. You generally have some good times birthdays; you ought to have one consistently.
    30. You have to really be something special! Today, 2,36,251 people have birthday, but I was only thinking of you You are going to need the lungs of Hercules to pass up yourself.
    31. You are just as old as you act.
    32. You are just adolescent once, yet you can be juvenile for a lifetime.
    33. Here’s to you on your birthday! May you live to be so old, you sincerely wish you were dead.”
    34. Happy birthday! Don’t let a 27-year old Olympic gold medal winner make you feel like a failure on your birthday.”
    35. Happy birthday. I’m so sorry you’ve reached an age where pop culture marketers are no longer targeting you.”
    36. Happy birthday! You know you’re old when the candles start costing more than the cake.”
    37. On your birthday, I want you to remember that you are only as old as you feel. But you’ll still always be older than me. Happy birthday!”
    38. Happy birthday. It’s official – you can now begin your quarter-life crisis.”
    39. It’s your birthday today, and I’m once again reminded how old I’m getting. Oh well – enjoy your day!”
    40. Today, you turn 29! I promise to stop counting the years after this one. Happy birthday.”
    41. You get a great deal of birthday wishes … But this is here for hell’s sake!
    42. You have arrived at the age where all compliments will be trailed by “for your age.”
    43. You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.
    44. You know you’re getting old when you stroll up the stairs and call it work out. Cheerful Birthday!
    45. You may not be over the slope yet, yet you have an extraordinary perspective!
    46. Men age like wine, ladies age like cheddar.
    47. On your birthday some words of wisdom- Smile while you still have teeth! Congratulations
    48. My birthday blessing to you is the call to the blaze office when you victory your candles. The pleasure is all mine!
    49. My companion got me a fossil. It helped me to remember somebody who has a birthday today. Three thinks about who!
    50. No astute man ever wished to be more youthful.
    51. Mature enough to realize a better way… sufficiently young to still do it.
    52. On your birthday a few useful tidbits: Smile while regardless you have teeth! Congrats!
    53. One more year of presence down the channel. Content Birthday!

      Happy Birthday Greetings
      Happy Birthday Greetings
    54. Individuals say that the great pass on youthful, so I figure that is make you an old non-douchebag!
    55. As of late I discovered in which wear you would have been best at. Prepare to be blown away. It’s the reason such a variety of individuals went to your spot.
    56. Keep in mind when 50 appeared old? In the event that you weren’t so old you would!
    57. Grin and snicker as much as you can while regardless you have teeth.
    58. Grin, it could be more regrettable… think about what you’ll look like in ten years. Content Birthday.
    59. In this way, this is the most established I have ever been.
    60. Such a large number of candles such a little cake. One year from now, might your birthday wish be a greater cake.
    61. When I was born I was so surprised I didn’t talk for a year and a half Such a large number of candles… so little cake.
    62. Some say the glass is half unfilled. Others say the glass is half full. It’s your birthday, so simply drink whatever is in the glass.
    63. A few useful tidbits for your birthday, “Grin while despite everything you have teeth!”
    64. Somebody once said that a genuine companion recalls your birthday, yet not your age. I recall both. Shouldn’t that record for something?
    65. Quit numbering the candles and begin considering your wishes.
    66. The best birthdays of all are those that haven’t arrived yet.
    67. The principal sign of maturing shows up when you begin overlooking things. For your situation there are no such issues. You have risen above all the bothers.

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