Bobbleheads; Funny Gift Ideas To Bring A Smile To The Face Of Your Loved Ones!

It is a famous quote that a true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows you are slightly cracked.

If you also have friends and people who do not judge you and your actions, you are among the lucky ones. And when it comes to cheering friendships and such unconditional relationships, presenting gifts is the best idea. And it is only friends you can experiment with your humorous side on.

And if you want some funny gift ideas for the birthday of your soulmate or want to surprise them on Christmas, we have rounded up some of the best funny gift ideas, in fact, unique gift ideas. You can surprise them and make them laugh with funny and customized bobblehead dolls. So let’s get into it and explore what it is about.

What Are Bobblehead Dolls?

Bobblehead dolls are disproportionately large head-mounted figurines that can be customized to different faces, themes, costumes, etc. Wobbler is also a common term used for bobblehead dolls and a lot of people love to collect these oversized head dolls of celebrities, cartoon characters, and even of themselves.

Funny Bobblehead Dolls To Make Your Loved Ones Laugh

You can get customized funny bobblehead dolls to make your friends and loved ones laugh and have a memorable gift. So what are different funny bobblehead doll ideas you can try?

Here is the list of customized bobblehead doll ideas you can check out:

1. Bathroom Newspaper Reading Bobblehead Doll

You can crack your best friend or loved one up in laughter with the customized bobblehead doll sitting on the bathroom seat and reading the newspaper. Even you can also customize the bobblehead to replace the newspaper with a mobile phone. Let the face of the bobblehead be like the person you are going to present this gift to, and keep the rest standard.

Wondering what it would look like?

Here is where you can check out a similar bobblehead doll and order your own customized funny doll:

2. Clown Bobblehead Doll

Have a friend or a family member who has a funky taste and loves to entertain everyone around?

You can compliment his humorous nature with a customized clown-like bobblehead doll. Such a bobblehead doll will feature the face of the person, and you can keep the body similar to what a clown looks like.

Bbobbler is an exceptionally good store you can check out for clown bobblehead dolls. You can check out their customized clown bobbleheadhere. It will look like the picture below:

3. Fishing Funny Bobblehead Doll

A fishing lover on your list?

Yes, you can get customized fishing attire and theme along with the look-alike bobblehead doll of the person. Bbobbler has a similar-themed bobblehead doll where a man is holding a fish and an angler while standing in a boat.

You can get the bobblehead doll customized for your father, uncle, or anyone who loves fishing. This present will surely bring a smile to the face of your loved ones. Check out the personalized fishing bobblehead dollshere.

4. Hawaiin Surfer Bobblehead Doll


5. Windy Beach Customized Bobblehead

Beach evenings and photoshoots can turn into a windy blast where everyone is just running to keep their gowns and tops in place to not get blown away by strong winds. And if you had any such event, you can bring back memories with your loved ones and funny ones this time.

Fortunately, if you are running out of customization ideas, Bbobbler has bobblehead doll ideas for you. Whether you want bikini recreation, a windy beach, or a surfer look-alike, you can get it from them.

For a Windy Beach customized bobblehead, click on the linkhere.

6. Repairman Plumber Bobblehead

If you want to present a funny gift to your plumber friend or family member, add a little twist to it. You can order a customized bobblehead where the look-alike of your friend is cleaning the toilet or clearing the clog with a hand pump. It will look like something in the picture below:

Customize the face of the person; you can also replace the outfit with the typical uniform and make them laugh with this one.

You can check out the complete collection of Bbobbler with different funny dolls and ideas you can pick to cheer up your friends and family. Here is the link to Bbobbler’s funny gifts collection:

Humorous Sexy Gifts

Other Funny Gift Ideas You Might Want To Try                                

If you think bobbleheads might not be the right fit for you, you can also try other fun ideas and things. We have rounded up some fun gift ideas you can check out and try to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Here is a list of funny gift ideas for you:

  1. A customized t-shirt with funny or double-meaning quotes on it
  2. A bubble wrap calendar; popping up the bubble wrap is not only satisfying but funny too
  3. Remote control fart machine that produces 15 fart sounds to make them laugh by pranking others
  4. A Creepy face coffee mug that is more than funny
  5. Talk flirt date; the card game that is naughty and funny at the same time


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