Best Birthday Messages for Your Friend

Best Birthday Messages for Your Friend : Birthdays only come once a year. It is a special day for the celebrant. It is also a time for joy, laughter, love and jokes.We share Collection of Pictures For Birthday.

Best Birthday Messages for Your Friend

She thought leaving school would bring an end to our friendship, but na lie. Eight years don waka, we keep going stronger. People keep saying we look alike. Lol.

One other valuable thing I learnt from her is ‘opening up’. When she told me all about herself, I had no choice than to learn to do same. Friendship is sweet when you have a like minded friend.

Happy Birthday to Laviza

She is modest woman
She is brainy
She bailed me out one day, when she gave me a golden advice money cannot.

Age with Grace

May this SEASON,
With this new PERSON,
Give you REASONS,
To be out of devious PRISONS,

For nuptial RACE,
To set the PACE,
And become an ACE.

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Lady

Love you plenty.

You’ve come closer enough
To be one of those I cherish.
Your vision is becoming clearer by the day
And I’ll wait with the world, to celebrate you.

Keep the fire burning
Keep up the fight for greatness!

Happy Birthday to you!

The right words are rare.
Adjectives wouldn’t dare.
To say it as it is,
On a day like this.

I wish you the best.
God shall bless you and keep you growing higher every day.
Have a beautiful celebration.
Your gift is coming.
Happy birthday my darling friend.

Happy Birthday to you!

As you are a year older today, these are my wishes for you:
The Mighty hands of God rest mightily upon you,
The peace of God abide with you,
The Lord is your strength, your shield, and your fortress.
You will move from Glory to Glory. You shall do exploits.
You shall live to witness many more years in life.
My the Lord bless your new age.
Happy Happy Happy birthday!

I Wish You Outstanding Joy

This day doesn’t come twice a year, but once a year!
May this your new age,brings you an outstanding Joy, an unending Favour.
And an undying Laughter.
Wishing you a blissful happy super duper birthday with a well-fulfilled life and destiny.
Happy Birthday to You.

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