How Telegram Works & Makes Money?

Telegram is often overlooked as an internet messenger, but it offers features that are better than Whatsapp in many ways. messenger. Telegram has had features like speed, end to end encryption, file sharing, and group chats from the very beginning and it does them better than Whatsapp even now.

Communications need to be both secure and private, and this has been proven to be especially important since World War 2. Telegram has the most secure messaging channel available, making it perfect for your daily communications. It’s an internet messenger like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger but with a unique selling point – more power to the users.

How is Telegram Different From Others?


Telegram is a cloud-based service, meaning that once your data is saved, it can be accessed from any number of devices at any time, without the need for backup. You can keep track of your sessions טלגראס קישור and download your files at any time, so cloud storage makes data more accessible for the user.

Quality Compromise

Telegram’s image quality is much better than other messaging apps because it doesn’t compress images, meaning that you can send over your data without losing any of the details.’

File Size and Type

Telegram’s maximum data transfer size is 1.5 GB, making it possible to share large files like 4k videos or even casual outing videos.

Since files are stored in the cloud, receivers can stream videos while they download in the background, making video previewing easy.

Telegram is a great messaging app because it doesn’t restrict users to only sending certain types of files. This is really helpful if you need to send a rare file format that you might not be able to easily find a way to send using other apps.

Bots, Groups, & Channels

Bots on Telegram are operated by software and not people. They have access to AI features which can be put to use for a number of purposes like teaching, playing, searching, broadcasting, conducting polls and reminders, etc.


Telegram groups are places where you can add people from your contact list or make them join via a link. These groups can have a maximum of 200,000 members which can include bots.

Privacy & Currency Exchange

The location of Telegram’s servers is top secret, and the founder of Telegram has devised a custom data protocol which secures the data of users.

This has enabled users to use bots for business, and the security of Telegram has gained popularity to such an extent that people tend to prefer Telegram over other services when it comes to money transfers.

Business Model Of Telegram

Since 2014, Telegram has amassed 500 million users and counting. What makes this cloud-based application so popular? Mostly, it’s the security and privacy features that have attracted users in droves. The issue of privacy is a big deal to Telegram users, as evident from the controversy caused by South Korea President Park Geun-Hye’s greater control on chats carried out on Kakao Talk. This led many citizens to switch to Telegram for its greater privacy protections.

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